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Sound Stream Mobile

The Sound Stream Mobile APPs are now ready and available for both ANDROID and APPLE devices.

These Mobile APPs allow full control of the stream management and performance production process including:

  • Stream Creation
  • Stream Staging
  • Stream Activation
  • Stream Program Capture

and the corresponding counterparts.

This greatly facilitates the capture of budget performances where multi camera high quality audio is not required.

Sound Stream

The new audio and video stream solution of Amenesik is now operational at
Sound Stream.

Create your own Sound Stream account to be able to broadcast your own streaming events around the world.

For more information please don’t hesitate to contact Jamie at

Sound Street Website

The Sound Street website has been redesigned using Word Press and is now ONLINE and open to the public.


Rue de la Zik and SowProg

Rue de la Zik ( Sound Street ) will be promoting the live music concerts feed of SowProg around the Paris region.

Sound Street Deployment

The Sound Street Social Network platform is now deployed and managed 24/7 by the Amenesik Enterprise Cloud platform


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